Why we need updates on Google for SEO Purpose?

Google constantly make changes in its search algorithms and test the updates. Sometimes changes are at huge level which affect the search results dramatically and sometimes these updates are minor.

If you are a digital marketing agency offering Search Engine Optimisation services then you must be aware of all the Google updates. Marketers often find out the updates when they notice dramatic change in their rankings and website traffic. After that they work out on their data and analyse each and every page thoroughly to determine the changes made in the Google algorithm. Then they adjust their marketing strategy as per the search algorithm update.

As we all know, people start getting backlinks for their websites from low quality websites and by directory submissions just to increase their ranking on the search page. And, this results in high spam score. Then Google make the changes and stop directory submissions. Google crawls only quality do-follow links. Google crawler is an automated program which crawl all the links, text, images on your website in a methodical manner.
You can call this web crawling process as Spidering also.

Why we need Google updates?

Optimising Voice Based Search:

Companies are working on improving searching algorithm. According to a research around 65,000 searches are performed every second on google which is a huge figure.
With introduction of advanced voice based searching algorithm, companies are tending towards delivering their best results. Now people can make search from anywhere with their smartphones, all they need is to speak desirable keyword. Voice based applications such as google assistant, Siri, cortana etc are widely accepted by end users.
Now what will you do to enhance your web page visibility for voice based search. You must enhance your page ability to serve voice based searches in order to make the appear in answer box. This is how you can attract more crowd on your webpage and mark your good presence with optimised search results.

To Avoid Spammy Websites:

The best part of Google is that it wants significant improvements in the quality factors. So, they made frequent changes when required to bring the quality websites at the top in search results. The websites having quality and unique content take advantage of these changes as it helps to improve their ranks. On the other hand, it penalize the websites having content duplicacy and high advertising practices.

Search algorithms believes in quality not in quantity. People think that if they receive a number of backlinks from sponsored posts or from websites with low Domain authority, their website will get at top in search results. And, it is the big myth ever. Google will count your website as a spam and penalyze it. This thing is beneficial for marketers having genuine and quality websites.

To Stop Black Hat SEO:

In terms of SEO, black hat SEO uses aggressive techniques, strategies which area against the rules of search engine guidelines. Their focus is only on getting the higher search results. They don’t bother about their audience. For example, they do keyword stuffing, embed irrelevant keywords, make the text invisible.

No doubt your ranking will goes up but it may get your website banned from Google and from other search engines also. Google penalties are getting more sophisticated day by day. It has devastating effect on your website’s traffic and lead generation. Your website may get de-indexed from search engine.

Therefore, Google has updated their robots or algorithms so that the number of marketers who use such tactics can get reduced.

Rich Snippets:

Rich snippets are also known as rich answer box appeared at the top of the search results. When someone makes a search then rich answer box appeared as the results with highest priority or at the top of the page. It generally explains answer to user’s query and redirect to the linked page URL. Rich snippets are created on the basis of structured data in your web page containing useful information text. Structured data was added  as a driving factor to search engine optimisation in 2016 by google.
So without having a knowledge about these technologies or tools you will not be able to maintain a good rank on internet. To maintain a good and higher position on internet you must read and implement updates provided by authority.


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