How to become a Successful Blogger

So, you have a blog and you’re producing regular, high-quality content and building your readership. It’s likely you’ve heard of successful bloggers making money and influencing people. No doubt, you follow them yourself! But how do you become a successful blogger yourself? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share our top tips for blogging success! So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

Expand Your AudienceJust Be Yourself

The key to becoming a successful blogger is by expanding your audience. Do everything you can to increase the size of your readership: share your blog and every post you write on social media, promote your blog on forums, ask for likes and shares from your friends, request your readers subscribe or sign your blog up for promotional sites to increase your visibility.

Publish Blog Posts Regularly

You can also expand your readership and create a loyal following by posting regularly. Post once a month, minimum. That’s my advice. Nobody wants to read a blog that they enjoy, only to wait months in between posts. Irregularity loses readers and will drastically reduce your following. If you post quality content on a regular, predictable basis, your readership will grow, and people will keep coming back for more. An added benefit to regular posting is that it simultaneously improves your writing and organisational skills – what’s not to like?

Just Be YourselfSuccessful Blogger

I know, it sounds like that cliché line your mum sent you off with on your first day of school, but it turns out she was right. Being authentic is extremely important for both personal and public success. Authenticity impresses readers, reassures them they are not alone and influences them to be themselves. In today’s digital age, it is difficult to get away with anything anymore. If you’re not authentic in your blog or social media posts, your dishonesty will catch up with you. And it won’t be pretty. So, be yourself – even when nobody’s looking – there’s nothing quite like authenticity to drive readers to your blog and put you on the path to success.

How to Become an Influencer

From your authenticity will grow your blogging reputation as an influencer. One of the key aspects for brands, if you are an influencer, is that you will have your own social media following, unique content and ideas and a drive to follow your dreams. This authenticity is a draw for companies as it provides them the opportunity to advertise their products through a blogger (you) with a dedicated following of customers likely to make a purchase at your recommendation. So, how do you become an influencer? Here are some quick-fire tips:

  • Decide which brands you would like to attract.
  • Write content that is authoritative and shows your knowledge of their brand.
  • Make sure of social media.
  • Network with people offline – never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!
  • Reach out to those brands offering to promote their products on your blog.
  • Don’t be disheartened with rejection – keep trying!

While searching for brands you want to work with, make sure you are building relationships with others on social media (companies and individuals). Spend your time participating in Facebook discussions, commenting on other blogs or forums and reaching out to people in your niche offering to work with them. Becoming an influencer is all about self-promotion and building long-lasting relationships with your readers. Becoming a successful blogger is all about building those connections.

Guest Post on Authoritative Sites

Make Money Blogging

Guest posting is a fantastic way to build the success of your blog, grow your readership and increase your visibility. Guest posting also gives you the unique opportunity to expand your reach to new readers who, hopefully, will pay your blog a visit as a result of reading your post.

To start guest posting, research companies you would like to write for and create a blog post tailored just for them, send it for scrutiny and await their response. It can be a soul-destroying process, but it will improve your writing, increase your confidence and give you practice in promoting your blog. And when the day finally comes that a company accepts your guest post with a link back to your blog, your hard work will have all been worthwhile.

Make Money Blogging

For some bloggers, the main goal is to make money. However, it is worth remembering that making money from your blog can be a long process. So, if you’re in it for the long haul, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make money blogging:

  • Optimise your blog for SEO. This will help your content rank highly in Google search rankings which in turn will drive more traffic to your website, gain you a following and make your blog visible to brands.
  • Never stop learning. The blogging community is constantly growing and developing. Therefore, it is important you stay ahead of the times and broaden your knowledge through extensive reading and research.
  • Display ads on your blog. Ads are a fantastic way to make money on your blog, however too many can be off-putting for your readers so work the balance carefully. The ads on your blog should compliment your blog’s content, making it attractive and relevant to visitors.
  • Write sponsored posts to gain your blog visibility and followers.
  • If you’re crafty, consider selling your products on Etsy or Handmade at Amazon.
  • Advertise your freelance writing services.

There are numerous ways you can make money online through your blog, the above suggestions are just some of the most popular. Making money from your blog can take time, however, and there are no guaranteed results. You might also end up writing for a pest control website. Be sure to take your time and consider the best way forward for your blog. For more information about how to make money blogging, I would highly suggest you watch the informative vlog on ‘The Business of Blogging’ by Margo and Me. It’s full of helpful advice from Jenny Cipoletti, an experienced blogger in the fashion industry. In her vlog, Jenny shares her tips and tricks for turning your blog into a business. I can’t recommend it highly enough – if you’re new to blogging and want to learn how to turn your passion into a business, check out the video!

Final Words

I hope you have found this article useful and that it has given you plenty of ideas about how to become a successful blogger. Blogging is a fantastic way to pursue something you love, and with hard work and dedication, you can turn it into something successful. Let us know if these tips have been useful to you and be sure to link your blog below, we would love to check it out!




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