When you begin your blogging journey you will want to focus on your industry or niche. There isn’t a blogger alive that’s an expert on every industry, so you need to write what you know. By sticking with your specific skill set and knowledge you are in the best position to pass on your advice to people interested in your industry. By sticking with the knowledge that is unique to you, you can carve out your own niche and become an authority in that area. If you have a passion for fashion, then blog about fashion. If you have a passion for music, then write about music. The key is to write about what you love so you can infuse your blog posts with your personality and drive.

Writing For Business

Of course, not all bloggers are personal and it’s highly advisable for every business or company to have their own blog. Having a blog gives you a platform where you can add rich, relevant content that will be discovered on Google and drive traffic to your website. Most respectable companies have a website with a blog, and it’s a key part of an SEO strategy.  It doesn’t matter how boring or technical the industry, there will always be an audience that want to read, learn and digest the content you write.  Businesses as diverse as toilet cubicles and pest control have blogs and the content provided drives traffic to their websites.

So, just because you think pest control might be boring, or that no one will want to read your content, it doesn’t mean you can’t build an audience.

Add You’re Own Twist

If you really want to stand out and be different then you need to write in your own style which ideally is unique to you. Develop your persona and make sure it shines through the content you write. This is how you develop a style, and your style is unique to you. This means that when you build your audience they will be fans of not just the content you write, but the way you write it, and they won’t be able to find that anywhere on the Web.


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